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Coffee seems to be a must in my life, as it keeps my sanity in check. This is said because when midnight rolled around two nights ago, I got the spontaneous idea to start writing a second cookbook while still working on my first. So here I sit, two days later, with a giant cup of coffee in my hand trying to decide how to work this out. I’m hoping by the last sip, my face will look as happy as the smile the coffee in the picture is giving me. Wait…it is smiling, right?

With yet another impromptu idea, I created this blog. Hopefully, it helps get ideas, but mostly to share my journey with you all in regards to both cookbooks. I will also be sharing my journey as a food blogger, new recipes and more, so make sure to stay tuned! This is an exciting process, and I am thankful for each of you who follow and support me along the way. It truly means a lot to me. Here’s to the future!

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