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Monday’s for many consist of working a 9a.m.-5p.m. job, drinking excessive amounts of coffee to stay awake, and praying the day goes by quickly. Mondays; however, are also a time to reflect, organize and try new things. A time for baking delicious treats, and cooking savory foods. Mondays are for the birds and apple pies.

“So where do the birds come in play?” You may be asking yourself. Recently, my fiancé and I decided to add a bird house and bird feeder to the front porch. Now whether this was a good idea or not, I am still unsure. We currently have two pigeons who visit daily, that are roughly the size of Cornish hens with big attitudes to match. We have named them Sally and Sophie. Sophie clearly being the leader of the two, because when their feeder is empty she comes to the sliding glass door and pecks at it to get my attention and waits to make sure their food has been delivered then proceeds to stuff her cheeks.

Watching the two reminds me, that even on days such as Monday, we need to appreciate the simple aspects of life. Apple pies being one of those simplicities. Easy and fast to make, the process leaves your house smelling amazing and your stomach thankful for your wonderful abilities at baking. “I’m really not all that great at baking though…” Some of you may say. Well boy do I have a recipe for you!

This recipe was shared by a fellow blogger, and I’m in absolute love. It includes a second recipe option directly underneath for those daring enough. If you decide to make one of these, let me know how it turns out! With that, I wish you all a lovely Monday!

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