Biscuits for the Taking

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“Biscuits in the morning, biscuits in the evening, biscuits at supper time!” My grandmother would chant as she smoothly waltzed around her kitchen. Breakfast to my grandmother was a sacred time of day, and biscuits were a must in the mornings. Taking down her favorite medium pink bowl from one of the top shelves, she would begin to mix all the needed ingredients by hand.

Mixing and kneading the dough, she would tell me of her plans for the day, as she allowed the dough to rest for a moment. “Do you know what goes great with biscuits?” She would ask me as she finished prepping the dough for the oven. “Coffee!” I would exclaim as I helped place the baking sheets gently into the oven. “Bingo!” She would smile as she would pour us each a cup as we waited. Once finished, we would each take two biscuits and make our way to the back porch to enjoy the sunrise.

Memories such as these hold a special place in my heart, and sharing them all with you means the world to me. This includes sharing her recipes, and others I have found over the years. The amount of joy cooking brought my grandmother should be experienced at least once by all, and hopefully through this blog, I can help do just that. Below I have posted a picture of the recipe for the buttermilk biscuits my grandmother loved to make. May you each enjoy and stay blessed!

Buttermilk Biscuits

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